Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Family Night at Robinson
Come students!  Come parents!  Come siblings!  
Enjoy a healthy activity with your family!

January 30      6-7 PM Family Yoga

Feb 27          6-7:30 PM Family Badminton

March 27       6-7 PM Family Yoga

April 24         6-7:30 PM  Family Badminton

May 22          6-7:30 PM  Family Badminton Tournament

Today, January 17, we discussed how to begin a new daily habit that, when repeated, becomes a lifestyle and this can lay the foundation for excellence in whatever you choose to do in life!

9-20-17 Stress, Deep breathing and Relaxation
10-18-17 Fight or Flight Response to Stress, Practicing Mindfulness
10-25-18  Focus and Calm Exercises
1-17-18  Importance of Healthy Daily Habits
1-24-18  Staff Interview, 8 To Live By
1-31-18  Staff Interview, 8 To Live By

8 To Live By
§Eat a healthy breakfast every day
§Eat more fruits and vegetables
§Limit or eliminate sweet drinks
§Limit screen time
§Move more
§Get enough sleep
§Eat meals together as a family
§Be positive about food and body image

Red Balloon Run April 21st!!!

Save this date for our family fun event!

Your child’s school has been chosen to be part of The Cooper Institute® (CI) and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ (UWMD) Healthy Zone School Recognition Program. This two-tier program was designed to recognize schools for their healthy practices (Healthy Zone Schools) and assist schools in creating healthier environments (Healthy Zone Schools – In Training).
The purpose of the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program® is to honor schools for their healthy practices and assist schools that wish to create healthier environments. To evaluate the effectiveness of the project, The CI and UWMD have developed a research team to evaluate changes in the fitness, activity, participation in promotions, and health attitudes through the use of FitnessGram® and ActivityGram® assessments, surveys, and associated materials. The ultimate goal is to help enhance the promotion of physical activity, fitness, nutrition, and health. The project will provide valuable information about the effectiveness of using health promotions to increase the health of their schools. The de-identified data collected will not be shared with anyone except for the research team.

Your school has elected to participate in this exciting new project. As a part of the study:
       Your child will complete physical fitness assessments from the FitnessGram® test battery;
       Your child will be asked about their physical activity habits using three questions that are part of FitnessGram®;
       Teachers will be asked to implement health activities and promotions with the assistance of CI and UWMD;
       Teachers will be asked to complete annual surveys to collect information about perceptions of new programming;           
       Teachers will be asked to share activity and/or promotion information (photos, videos) with CI, UWMD; and
       Schools will work with CI and UWMD to develop a volunteer engagement opportunity.

The project is being viewed as a part of the school physical education, nutrition, and health curriculums, but we would like to process the information we collect to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. We may publish the findings to share results with other schools and professionals, but no individual information will ever be shared. To ensure confidentiality, all of the data will be tracked using coded ID numbers which means student names will not be stored in the database. 

We wanted to let you know about the project and request your cooperation, assistance, and support. Parents play a crucial role in promoting healthy lifestyles so we encourage you to support the program and promote physical activity and healthy eating in your homes. As mentioned above, the project will seek to enhance and provide new opportunities for children to be physically active, eat healthy, and be healthy in and out of school. 

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