Thursday, August 1, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 Robinson Wellness E-News! 

You can check here for all school health and wellness committee activities, 
announcements and updates!    ~Christie Camizzi, BSN, RN


1. First Day of School August 12!!
2. Medication Drop Off and Forms
3. Vaccination Updates

Coming Soon: Wellness Committee Updates and Plant-Based Eating!

New & Events

First Day of School is August 12
Welcome back!  Time to hustle and get those vaccines updated and forms into the clinic so your child can attend school on the first day!  If your child's schedule cannot be printed due to a vaccine schedule hold, call me and I can tell you exactly what your child needs and then I will remove the hold.  You can call me at 469-752-6209 and I will call you back quickly.  I do not yet have access to the clinic due to construction but I do receive messages.  Students may NOT attend school without an up to date record.  Parents will be called to pick up their student and we really don't want to do that but it is Texas State Law!  

Medication Drop Off and Forms
Feel free to bring any medications by July 31, August 1, 7, 8, and 9th.  I will be at off campus training on August 5 and 6th.  Avoid the first day of school if possible.  I will very likely have a line out the door.  You may find the Medication Authorization Form here:

Vaccination Opportunity
If your child needs vaccines, make your doctor appointments as soon as possible.  For a low cost option, on Monday, August 5th, Frankford Middle School is having a Back to School Fair and Passport Health will hold an immunization clinic between 9 AM and 2 PM.  All vaccines are $10!!! Bring me or send via email your updated records to the clinic or  Thank you!

I'd love to meet you and learn more about your child especially if you have any specific health concerns that I can help with while he/she is at school!  
Come by and say "hi"!

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